Women in Tech Career Summit
Thanks for joining us July 7th to 10th!
Over 25 women in tech shared their expertise on
how they’ve developed their mindset,
skills and created fulfilling careers

This 4-day summit is for women who are looking 
to be inspired, encouraged and supported in their tech careers.

Ditch imposter syndrome.

This is your opportunity to...

create your definition of success

unlock your inner strengths

do meaningful work & challenge yourself

get paid what you deserve

Some of the places women in tech speakers are from...
You don't want to miss this.

Four amazing days packed with engaging Tech Chats, Panels and Workshops.

This *isn't* an opportunity to sit back and listen.

This is your opportunity to take inspired action.

Whether you're entering tech, leveling up your skills or 
taking steps to break the glass ceiling this summit was made for you...

100% Remote

Replay Pass Available

25+ Experts

Here's what's going down...

  • Effective Goal Setting
  • ​Coding Bootcamps
  • ​Tech / Non-Tech Programs
  • ​Landing Internships
  • Understanding Recruiters
  • ​Equity & Stock Options
Career Topics
  • Software Engineering
  • Product Management
  • ​Program Management
  • ​Design
  • ​Mobile Engineering
  • ​Imposter Syndrome
Skill Topics
  • Self-Taught Coding
  • ​Creatively Upskilling
  • ​Portfolio Building
  • Salary ​Negotiation
  • ​IC to Manager
  • ​Becoming a Leader
  • Resumes
  • ​LinkedIn
Life Topics
  • ​What to Wear to Interviews
  • ​How to Stay Healthy & Fit

Is this for me? Yup, yes you.

Web Developers 

Product Managers


Career Transitioners


Program Managers

No boring slides, just real talk
with badass women in tech.
Aashni Shah
Software Engineer
Alisa Tao
Sr Technical Recruiter
Caitlin Mulroney
My Tech Wardrobe
Cassidy Williams
Principal Dev Exp Engineer
Jen Bunk
Founder & CEO
The People Stack
Kaylyn Torres
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Software Engineering Intern
Laurence Bradford
Founder & Podcast Host
Learn to Code With Me
Lupe Colangelo
Career Coach
General Assembly
Lusen Mendel
Director Dev Relationships
Jen Aprahamian
Product Manager
Jenny Leung de los Reyes
Data Product Manager
Meg Ward
Engineering Manager
Stitch Fix
Michele Cantos
Managing Director
Fullstack Academy
Michele Heyward
Founder & CEO
Noelle Stransky
Sr UX Designer
Riot Games
TeLisa Daughtry
CEO & Founder
Kim Gaxiola, CFP®
Bie Aweh
Program Manager
Sandy Silk
InfoSec Edu & Consulting Harvard University
Dee Gautham
Founder & CEO
Emily Jaffe
Front-end Engineer
Kristina Balaam
Sr Security Intelligence Engineer, Lookout
Meg Bartelt, CFP®
Caro Griffin
Dir of Operations
Skillcrush & Tech Ladies
Sandy Pranjic
Software Engineer
Judit Lehoczki
Software Developer
Natalie Pinto
Program Manager
Afifa Tawil
Design Ops Manager
Alexis Woodbury
Full Stack Developer
CollabraLink Technologies
Preethi Raju
Sr Product Designer
One Medical
Terri Rodriguez
UI/UI Designer
Katie Radford
One Medical
Women in Tech Career Summit Agenda
Day 1: Tues July 7th, 2020
11:00am EST
Opening Remarks
Co-Hosts Rebecca Garcia & Michelle Carrizosa
12:00pm EST
"How to Upgrade Your Self-Taught Coding Skills"
Laurence Bradford, Founder, Learn to Code With Me
1:00pm EST
"How to Get Into Tech & Thrive"
Meg Ward, Engineering Manager, Stitch Fix
2:00pm EST
"How to Chose a Tech / Non-Tech Skills Program"
Lupe Colangelo, Career Coach, General Assembly
3:00pm EST
Panel: "How to Get a Job as a Recent Bootcamp Grad"
Moderated by Michelle Carrizosa
4:00pm EST
"How to Style Your Work Wardrobe"
Caitlin Mulroney, Founder, My Tech Wardrobe
6:00pm EST
Panel: "How to Build a Career in Product Management"
Moderated by Rebecca Garcia
8:00pm EST
Zoom: Welcome Mixer
Hosted by Rebecca Garcia
Day 2: Wed July 8th, 2020
11:00am EST
"Coding Bootcamps 101"
Michele Cantos, Managing Director, Fullstack Academy
12:00pm EST
"How to Creatively Upskill"
TeLisa Daughtry, Founder FlyTechnista
1:00pm EST
"How to Level Up As a Leader in Tech"
Jen Bunk, Founder & CEO, The People Stack
2:00pm EST
"How to Get Into UX Design"
Noelle Stransky, Senior UX Designer, Riot Games
3:00pm EST
Panel: "How to Build a Career in Program Management"
Moderated by Michelle Carrizosa
4:00pm EST
"Taking Control of Your Finances as a Woman in Tech"
Meg Bartelt, CFP®, Founder, Flow Financial Planning
5:00pm EST
"Why Diversity & Inclusion Isn't a "Nice to Have" 
Michele Heyward, Founder, PositiveHire
8:00pm EST
Zoom: Early-Career Mixer
Hosted by Rebecca Garcia
Day 3: Thu July 9, 2020
11:00am EST
"How to Get Internships & Into Mobile Engineering"
Kaylyn Torres, Software Engineer Intern, JPMorgan & Chase
12:00pm EST
"How to Build a Career in Cyber Security"
Kristina Balaam, Sr Security Intelligence Engineer, Lookout
1:00pm EST
"How to Stay Healthy & Fit as a Woman in Tech"
Dee Gautham, (former PM) Founder & CEO, Boss Body Revolution
2:00pm EST
"How to Interview Effectively in Tech"
Terri Rodriguez, UX/UI Designer, CareerFoundry
3:00pm EST
Panel: "How to Build a Career in Design"
Moderated by Michelle Carrizosa
4:00pm EST
"How to Leverage Your Tech Skills & Build a Personal Brand"
Cassidy Williams, Principal Dev Exp Engineer, Netlify
5:00pm EST
"How to Negotiate Like a Boss"
Lusen Mendel, Dir of Dev Relations, Karat
Interview & Negotiation Coach, Dangoor Mendel
6:00pm EST
Panel: "How to Build a Career in Software Engineering"
Moderated by Rebecca Garcia
8:00pm EST
Zoom: Mid-Career Mixer
Hosted by Rebecca Garcia
Day 4: Fri July 10th, 2020
11:00am EST
"How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome as a Woman in Tech"
Sandy Silk, InfoSec Edu & Consulting, Harvard University
12:00pm EST
All-Access Pass Workshop: "3 Effective Strategies To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile"
Led by Michelle Carrizosa
1:00pm EST
"How to Gain Experience without Working for Free"
Caro Griffin, Skillcrush & Tech Ladies
2:00pm EST
"How to Reach Your Career Goals Effectively"
Aashni Shah, Software Engineer, Square
3:00pm EST
"Equity & Stock Options 101"
Kim Gaxiola, CFP®, CEO & Founder, TechGirl Financial
4:00pm EST
"How to Navigate Tech as a Woman of Color (WOC)"
Bie Aweh, Program Manager, DoorDash
5:00pm EST
All-Access Pass Workshop: "3 Secrets to a Six-Figure Tech Resume"
Led by Rebecca Garcia
6:00pm EST
Panel: "How to Standout to Recruiters"
Moderated by Rebecca Garcia
8:00pm EST
Zoom: Closing Party Mixer
Hosted by Rebecca Garcia
No permission slips here. What are you waiting for?
Come join the Tech Chats, Panels & Workshops at
the Women in Tech Career Summit!
Questions? We've got answers.
Is it really free?
Absolutely! You can watch sessions each day during the summit for 24 hours. Pass upgrades are available for those who want unlimited replay access and notes.
How do I watch the sessions?
Once you are registered you'll receive an email with a link to join each session each day of the summit. We recommend using a laptop for the best viewing experience.
How do I watch the panels?
Panel events will be hosted within our private FB Group, where you can attend and ask questions LIVE!
I can't make it live! Are replays available?
You bet. Replays are available for 24 hours for registered attendees. Can't make it live? No problem! Purchase a pass upgrade to receive unlimited access and notes.
I don't have X experience, is this for me?
YES! We welcome women and non-binary people of all experience levels. Whether you have a non-traditional and/or non-technical background, are just entering tech, mid-career or a seasoned professional there is a tech chat for you.
Is this event only for women?
We welcome allies to register and attend sessions! Our panel events are within our private FB Group which will be for anyone who identifies as a woman.
Meet Your Summit Hosts
Rebecca Garcia, Tech Career Strategist
Rebecca is passionate about empowering women to build fulfilling six-figure careers in tech. Previously she was a Program Manager at Microsoft, self-taught Developer at Squarespace and is a Technical Product Manager by day.

Awards include: 'Top Women Under 35 Changing the Tech Industry' by Glamour Magazine, and a 'Champion of Change for Tech Inclusion' from former U.S. President Barack Obama.
Michelle Carrizosa, Tech Career Coach
Michelle Carrizosa is a Tech Career Coach, passionate about helping women career changers transition into big tech companies using LinkedIn. 

Before focusing on helping women full-time, Michelle worked 5+ years in the tech industry as Risk Analyst and Program Manager for Amazon Web Services. 
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